Food means different things to different people, but it means something to everyone.

Kitchen Chapters is a place to explore that diversity of flavors, stories and people.

It’s not just for “foodies” – whatever that means these days. Sure, it’s the perfect place to find recipes tested and loved by other home cooks.  But it’s also a place for new voices to be heard – those that truly reflect the makeup of our communities.

Because you can learn a lot about someone by meeting them in their kitchen.

Think about your own. How many tastes, aromas and conversations have filled it?

Maybe you remember loitering with intent as your mother baked her signature  cookies, hoping she’d leave a few chocolate chips at the bottom of the bowl when she gave it to you to lick.

Or maybe you remember being soundly scolded by your grandmother for burning the spices your were supposed to be ‘lightly toasting’ for her signature curry.

Why should you share these memories with strangers on The Internet? Because the best food experiences are ones enjoyed with others.

We’d love to tell your food stories – contact us!

 About the Founder – Kim Choe

I’m a journalist, baker and eater. A cookie and coffee fiend. The kind of person whose holidays plans are always informed by where my next meal will be, even if it means trekking through industrial Brooklyn in search of the ultimate hipster afternoon tea.

I’m fascinated with supermarkets: so familiar in concept, yet so alienating and illuminating when you find yourself in one that’s not your local.

My earliest memories in the kitchen are at my mum’s side – that’s me in the anecdote above, hovering hungrily over the mixing bowl.

I believe we could all do with knowing a bit more about the people we’d normally dismiss as “strangers”, and what better way to start than with something we can all relate to – food.

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